Pre-Construction Planning

Strategic insight and planning are an essential part of the pre-construction process. This formal, preliminary planning defines the scope, associated costs, and timeline for the project. Pre-construction planning helps to avoid or eliminate a variety of potential problems once construction begins. This phase of project coordination may include:

  • Comprehensive Budgeting
  • Scheduling
  • Project Phasing
  • Site Evaluation
  • Risk Awareness

Clayton Construction Company utilizes the “CCC Design Assist” method to assist the design team with pre-construction and progress drawings in order to fast-track the project.

During this initial planning phase, the project manager works directly with clients to outline and discuss the details of the work to be completed, prepare the bid list, and solicit pricing from each bidder.

At various points during the initial design and pre-construction process, budgeting is thoroughly discussed and evaluated. This includes the conceptual, schematic, and design development budgets in addition to final pricing. CCC uses D4 Cost software along with internal historic data to compare and analyze the real costs associated with over 10,000 projects throughout the Southeast. This provides accurate budget forecasting and ensures that the project remains within the client’s projected budget goals.

Additionally, CCC engages in extensive value engineering analysis and presents a list of suggested improvements, including alternatives for construction materials and methods that help clients save time and money without sacrificing the quality of the project.