Quality Control

At Clayton Construction Company, Inc., quality control is one of our most important goals. In current times when technology has sped up the construction process so much, consumers expect a very rapid construction process. Because of this, quality has suffered on the typical construction process. However, we have a system that we implement to guarantee the highest quality on all of our projects while still meeting time constraints. This program is why over half of our work is repeat business.

Pre-bid Analysis

If a project is in the design/bid phase, and we notice any issues that seem to be of quality concern, we notify the owner/architect immediately. This allows time for any changes which need to be made. This is one way we are able to eliminate change orders on projects.

Personnel Selection

After awarded a project, Clayton selects the best project team. This team includes:

  • Clayton personnel – Some people are better suited for tasks than others, therefore our team is chosen based on the type of project. For example, some superintendents may have extensive experience in new construction while others excel in demolition and renovation.
  • Subcontractors – Our subcontractors are selected based on past experience, financial stability, reputation, and ability to work with others. We also seek owners’ input for selection, and we require all trades on the jobsite to encompass the same ethical values as Clayton.
  • Suppliers – We choose suppliers based on the quality of their product. Clayton also investigates to make sure they are capable of supplying the amount we need as well as when we need it.

Specification Compliance

Clayton strongly believes in building a project exactly per the plans and specifications. To ensure this is done, we have regular progress meetings and inspections to make sure that quality is being held to the highest standards and construction practices are not deviating from the plans.

Company Standards

Our philosophy of construction meets and exceeds industry standards.

  • “No punch list” – This program was implemented so quality issues are resolved throughout the project rather than waiting until the end where they may get “crammed in.”
  • Communication – We keep the lines of communication flowing between all trades and the client so everyone fully understands what is expected of them.
  • Total Quality Management – We use a TQM program to control operating expenses. This includes regular inspections and maintenance of equipment and materials. The cost savings is passed on to our clients through lower prices in estimates.
  • Self performed work – Clayton Construction self-performs a large array of activities which allows us to better control our projects.
  • Ethics – Clayton Construction ensures all subcontractors, suppliers, and trades on our jobsite encompass the same ethical and moral obligations that we do.

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